Year 9 Dodgeball

Published: Thursday, 20 May 2021.
Year 9 Dodgeball

Last week, Year 9 students participated in a Dodgeball inter-House competition during tutor time. Participation levels were high and competition was fierce to see which tutor groups would make it into the final on Friday.

It was great to see so many students enjoying themselves and representing their tutor groups and House with pride. It was also great to see some tutors get involved and embrace their inner youth! The results of the final were as follows:

1st = F1 (Franklin)

2nd = T2 (Turing)

3rd = P1 (Parks)

4th = W1 (Winton)

Well done to everyone for taking part and to the majority of those who couldn't, due to injury etc., who were fantastic at supporting their tutor group whether that be through cheering them on or retrieving dodgeballs for their tutor/House. Hopefully they will be able to participate more next time.

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