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  • Rewards and Awards

    Rewards and Awards

At Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form, we believe in encouraging and rewarding effort and achievement. Students are congratulated and thanked in assemblies. They earn House points throughout their time at school for a wide range of things. Our goal as a school is to work to bring out the best in every student.

We believe that by providing students with House points, they are encouraged to fully engage with all opportunities available to them. We intend that House points motivate students by giving them a greater awareness that their contributions are valued and recognised by the school. They also provide a framework for students to achieve their personal best and to be rewarded for it. When students take part in community/charity activities, it makes them appreciate and learn about being socially responsible.

Students receive House points from staff for school learning, home learning, resilience, demonstrating that they are ready, respectful and safe, and extra-curricular contributions. The total number of House points are calculated on a weekly basis, and they feed in to the termly and annual House competition, as well as the presentation of individual certificates for exceptional numbers of points. House points can be awarded for the following;

Act of kindness: 10 points
100% Attendance:  10 points
Competition Engagement 30 points
Equipped to learn 5 points
Equipped to learn 5 points
Half term ATL Outstanding or Engaged 30 points
Half term extracurricular club attendance 30 points
Half term homework completed to a good standard 30 points
Head teacher’s commendation 50 points
Home Learning 1 point
No C system over a set period of time 10 points
Positive behaviour 1 point
Representing the school 40 points

KS3PledgePassportOur Raising Standards Leaders celebrate student success in a number of ways which may include students being nominated for star student of the week, sending postcards home, receiving recognition in our celebration assemblies at the end of each term and by receiving their Notley Achievement Awards for attendance, progress and personal development.

We also run regular reward trips that students are invited to attend in recognition of their hard work each term. Teachers will reward outstanding performances in lessons for engagement with learning and achievement across the curriculum. We also have departmental postcards which a member of staff sends home with a student or sends in the post to parents/carers to inform them of positives achieved in or out of the classroom.  There are also opportunities to be nominated as a Subject Ambassador across all year groups for outstanding commitment to a particular subject.

The leadership opportunities available throughout the school are another means of recognising our student’s effort, commitment, and engagement within the school community. We select Year Prefects, School Council members and Form Representatives in each year group. A number of prestigious internal and external awards are also presented throughout the year. The Head teacher commendation is presented to one member of each year group per term. The Bridge Academy Trust community awards are presented to celebrate students’ contribution to the community, The District council awards recognise volunteers in the community and The Jack Petchey Gold Awards scheme presents 9 awards for students who have gone above and beyond to achieve.