Meal deals are available to pre-order at registration/tutor time at the cost of £2.30. The menu is displayed on the website and operates on a two week rota. Students then collect their pre-ordered main meal, and choose their dessert and collect their bottle of water. The students are able to eat their meal deal in the Food Hall or the picnic area. Each year group have their own allotted time slot.

If your child is entitled to free school meals, they order their food in the same way at registration/tutor time and no questions are asked.

Sandwiches may be brought in to be eaten only in the Food Hall or at the picnic tables provided.

There is a water station where refillable bottles can be refilled.

Students are expected to remain on the school premises throughout the lunch break unless they have lunch at home. Parents/carers should request a Lunch Pass Form to be completed and returned to the Head of House for consideration. Passes will only be issued to students who are going home. We would ask parents/carers to support us in making sure that students are either in school or at home. During the lunch break there are senior midday supervisors (teachers) on duty.

Should your child leave his/her packed lunch (or any other item for school) at home, you may leave it at Reception for collection. If this is not possible, they should see their Head of House.

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