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  • Primary Liaison FAQ

    Primary Liaison FAQ

Is my child eligible for school transport?

You can apply for school transport if your child meets the eligibility criteria.

Please visit for more information.

How does my child buy school dinner?
We operate an entirely cashless system. As a parent/carer you will receive a log on for a ParentPay account. You are able to pay for school dinners on this, as well as pay for any school trips or events.
What equipment does the school provide and what do I, as a parent/carer, need to provide?

The school provides all necessary books and they are loaned to students on the understanding that they are treated carefully. Some departments may ask for a small deposit for text books used solely for home learning which are kept at home.

All students must be fully equipped with a minimum of:
  • a blue or black pen
  • a pencil
  • a pencil sharpener
  • a rubber
  • a ruler
  • a protractor
  • a pair of compasses
  • a scientific calculator – the school recommends a Casio fx 83 GTX. The Mathematics Faculty will issue a letter allowing you to order directly from them.
Will my child get a locker?

All students have the opportunity to acquire a locker at a non-refundable cost of £25. This is payable at the start of Year 7 and the locker is theirs until the end of Year 11. It is for storing their personal belongings. A lock is provided for the locker and only school-provided locks can be used.

The school does not carry insurance to replace lost personal belongings.

How will I know my child has home learning?

You can see home learning set online via Arbor. If your child is getting too much or not enough homework, please do contact your child’s tutor, we are here to help.

What if my child becomes ill or injured at school?

If your child becomes ill at school, there is always a first aider on duty. Where it is thought necessary, you will be contacted so that arrangements can be made for your child to go home. It is most important that we have up to date emergency telephone contacts. Parents/carers are asked to ensure that the school hold current and up to date information on any medical condition you child may have.

The school does not provide paracetamol. If students have medication, they should hand it in to the medical room and parent/carers should complete a form provided regarding details of this medication.

What happens if my child gets a detention?

The school encourages the development of self discipline in every student. It is unusual for a Year 7 student to gain a sanction but on the rare occasion a detention is given by a teacher, the student may be required to attend the lunchtime or after school detention at the arranged time. If they are set an after school detention, you will be notified of this.

If your child is removed from a lesson for disruptive or dangerous behaviour, this will mean they will sit an after-school detention. The class teacher will contact you to explain the reason for you child needing to be removed from the lesson and you will be able to see the detention set on Arbor. When you are notified of an afterschool detention, if there are any difficulties with the arrangements, you must contact the tutor or Raising Standards Leader by email or telephone.

Can my child bring their mobile phone to school?

Yes, they can.

We want to ensure all students are safe when travelling to and from school. We are happy for them to bring their mobile phones with them to school but once they are in school between 8.40am and 3.15pm, the phone must be switched off and put in their bag. We have a very strict no mobile phone policy around the school and if a student is seen with their mobile phone out during the school day it will be confiscated and kept in the main office until the end of the day. If this happens on three separate occasions, we will request their parent/carer collects it. This includes the use of smart watches. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any such items within the school day.

Is my child allowed to cycle to school?

Students may cycle to school on a suitably roadworthy bicycle and we would recommend wearing a helmet. Students must obtain a cycle pass which can be requested via your child’s tutor. You must give your consent for your child to ride a bike to school and accept that the school has no responsibility for the bicycle. Your child will then receive a bike pass. Students will need to provide their own lock to leave their bicycle securely in the cycle racks.

What do I do if my child forgets their books, equipment or PE kit?
At Notley High School and Braintree Sixth form, we expect students to behave as young adults. If your child has forgotten some equipment, we expect them to find a solution. If they forget their PE kit, they may be able to contact home via the Pastoral Managers and arrange for this to be brought to school. This should be left at main Reception.
What do I do if my child is late for school?

Students arriving late will be signed in by a member of staff. Students should be in their tutor room by 8.40am. If you are aware that your child will be late, please do call Reception to let them know. You will receive notification from us if your child signs in late.

What should I do if my child is absent from school due to illness or a medical appointment?

If your child will be absent from school, it is very important that you contact us on the first day your child is absent and then each subsequent day. You can contact us on the school absence line or via the Arbor app.

If your child has a medical appointment, we may request confirmation of this. Every student must sign in and out at Reception before leaving school and upon return.