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  • Exam Assessment Policy
    Exam Assessment Policy

Policy on Internal Assessment for External Qualifications

The school is committed to ensuring that whenever it’s staff assesses students’ work for external qualification, this is done fairly, consistently and in accordance with the specification for the qualification concerned.  Assessments are conducted by staff who have appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills, and who have been trained in this activity. The school is committed to ensuring that assessment evidence provided by candidates is produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the relevant specifications for each subject.  Where a set of work is divided between staff, internal moderation and standardisation will ensure consistency.

If a student feels that this may not have happened in relation to their work, he/she may make use of the appeals procedure.  Note that appeals may only be made against the process that led to the assessment and not against the mark or grade submitted by the school for moderation to the awarding body.

Written appeals procedure

  • Appeals should be made as early as possible and at least two weeks before the end of the last written paper in the examination series.
  • Appeals should be made in writing by the candidate’s parent/guardian to the Examinations Officer (EO), who will investigate the appeal with at least two other members of staff who have not been involved in the internal assessment decision.  If the EO was directly involved in the assessment, the Headteacher will appoint another member of staff of similar seniority to conduct the investigation.
  • The purpose of the appeal will be to decide whether the process used for the internal assessment conformed to the published requirements of the awarding body.
  • The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, including any relevant correspondence with the awarding body and any changes made to the procedure relating to internal assessment.
  • The outcome of the appeal will be made known to the Head teacher and logged as a complaint.  A written record will be kept and made available to the awarding body on request.  Should the appeal bring any significant irregularity to light, the awarding body will be informed.

After work has been assessed internally, it is moderated by the awarding body to ensure consistency between centres.  Such moderation frequently changes the marks awarded for internally assessed work.  That is outside the control of the school and is not covered by this procedure.  If you have any concerns about it, please ask the EO for a copy of the appeals procedure of the relevant awarding body.