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Homework comes with a significant power to raise academic achievement, develop lifelong learning and expand upon our young people’s resilience and time-management skills. We must also emphasise that whilst students are spending time doing homework, they are not undertaking other key developmental activities: sports clubs, socialising, speaking with family, reading for pleasure and practicing mindfulness.

With such an investment of time and energy, by staff and student alike, it is crucial that we get the balance right. Among academic and education communities, alike, researchers battle with each other around the value of homework. It is a debate that is highly polarised. Academics on one side argue that homework should be increased and on then there are others that call for its total abandonment.

We must therefore, as a community, establish a homework policy that fits our own purpose, needs and students.  We seek to get the balance right, for us all.

Our aim is to set homework that is:

  • ambitious for all students.
  • coherently planned and sequenced.
  • successfully adapted, designed, and developed for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.
  • broad and balanced for all students.

How to support your child:

  • Doing learning activities at home: not necessarily helping with homework but keeping to homework routines and offering a hand where needed.
  • Taking an interest and supporting learning at home: not repeating school work but reinforcing it with fun family learning like trips, books and games.
  • Keeping track of how well your child is doing and encouraging and supporting them to set their goals high enough to reach their full potential.

Homework Club

  • Every breaktime in G35 for the SLC and LS students.
  • Every breaktime in G35 for the SLC and LS students.
  • Monday breaktime IT4 Years 7-9.
  • Library until 4pm Monday and Tuesday all years.

Who to contact

If you have issues relating to homework, please contact the subject teacher in the first instance and then if the issue is not resolved, the Head of Department. If you have issues across several subject areas, please contact the form tutor. 

If you need to escalate the issue further, the Senior Leader link for homework is Ms. M Gladen (