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  • Disabled Access

    Disabled Access

As a result of the evaluation of the school’s previous Accessibility Plan, our plan has been renewed to identify a number of further specific issues to ensure that students with disabilities can access the curriculum (Planning Duty 1), the physical environment (Planning Duty 2) and information (Planning Duty 3) on an equal basis with their peers. 

Recent improvements include: 

  • Greater awareness of the accessibility of the curriculum for specific students with disabilities, led by the school’s new SENCO (Planning Duty 1) 
  • More careful staffing for individual students on specific school trips, especially when adventurous, residential or overseas, led by the Educational Visits Coordinator and Trip Leaders (Planning Duty 1) 
  • Review of the school site, and improvements made to toilet provision, with the Science toilets being refurbished (Planning Duty 2) 
  • Google translator added to the school website to improve information access (Planning Duty 3) 
In addition, the school recognises its responsibilities towards employees with disabilities and makes sure that: 
  • Recruitment procedures ensure persons with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities 
  • Employees are supported with special provision to ensure that they can work effectively without barriers 
  • Reasonable adjustments are made to enable staff to access the workplace