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  • External Training Programmes and Leadership Development
    External Training Programmes and Leadership Development

NEMAT deliver a range of courses for staff across all the schools within the Trust. The courses are bespoke and respond to the needs identified through the internal self-evaluation process.

The Trust is presently offering:

  • Developing Leadership – this course looks at providing a balance of practical and theoretical leadership concepts and skills to aid the development of current and aspiring middle leaders.
  • Leadership coaching – this course provides staff the opportunity to develop a specific area of leadership and look in depth at the new OFSTED framework
  • RQT – through this course our recently qualified teachers are supported and given bespoke direction and guidance in order to build their career pathway.

All staff are supported across the Trust with access to an online teaching and learning website that provides the opportunity to share good practice in terms of teaching and learning and up-to-date educational research.