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  • Physical Education KS4

    Physical Education KS4

Edexcel GCSE Physical Education

What does this course involve?

Students study a variety of theoretical topics, which make up 60% of the final grade. They are split into two components:

Component 1 – Fitness and Body Systems Component 2 – Health and Performance
Applied anatomy and physiology Health, fitness and well-being
Movement analysis Sport psychology
Physical training Socio-cultural influences

Component 3 – Practical Performance

Students are assessed in three activities; one team activity, one individual activity and a third which can be either a team OR individual activity. Your child will be assessed in a variety of sports within lessons and can also submit video evidence, if they compete in an event to a higher standard or one which we are unable to provide in school.

Component 4 – Personal Exercise Programme (PEP)

This coursework component counts for 10% of the final GCSE grade. Students put into practice all the theoretical knowledge they have gained to design, complete and evaluate a 6-week physical training programme based on their own fitness.

How are students assessed?

Theory content (2 exam papers)Practical performanceCoursework
60% 30% 10%

Core PE

In Years 10 and 11, students who do not opt for the GCSE route benefit from 2 lessons a week (1 if they follow the triple science pathway), with a greater focus on game/match play of the sports they studied in depth in KS3. Skills, rules and tactics are applied in a variety of conditioned and real-time games, where there is a real focus on enjoyment and engagement in physical activity.

Learning Journey