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  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

    Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

  • Students should be taught how to learn and how to reflect and improve on their learning.
  • Learning objectives must be shared and reviewed.
  • Clear structured lessons promote learning.
  • Learning activities should be varied, purposeful and personalised to meet the needs of all students.
  • Achievement must be recognised and rewarded.
  • All students are capable of achievement. Identifying and challenging underachievement is the responsibility of all teachers and Learning Mentors. High expectations are not enough on their own; action is needed to ensure they are met, including high quality home learning.
  • Teachers must ensure a purposeful learning environment is maintained.
  • Cover work must be set to ensure purposeful learning is maintained in the teacher’s absence.
  • Each of these areas are explored in detail in the next section of this policy. (see download link below)