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  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

    Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form will prepare its students to lead a fulfilling life by:

  • Building resilience;
  • Developing aspirations;
  • Nurturing talents;
  • Promoting positive life choices;
  • Stimulating curiosity about the world around them.

The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy is a key document as it underpins all the work done in school. It reflects the importance we place on teaching, learning, assessment, and achievement, focusing on the needs of students who are at the core of everything we do. We take pride in our work in enabling students of all abilities from age 11-19 to succeed. This success derives from the high quality of all staff in the school and our commitment to provide the very best for our students. We believe that the combination of a highly-appropriate curriculum, effective teaching and learning and good attitudes to learning from students, will result in excellent outcomes and student progress.