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  • Teaching & Learning and CPD - Introduction
    Teaching & Learning and CPD - Introduction

For teaching and learning to be effective and deliver the desired student outcomes, it needs to combine the insights from the latest pedagogical research with a focus on developing teaching as a craft. Excellent teachers are reflective practitioners who strive to constantly develop and refine their practice.

N10 Teaching & Learning

As a teaching staff, we have developed the Notley 10(N10) and will be focussing throughout the academic year on introducing and embedding the principles. The elements of the N10 pull together good practice derived from cognitive science and proven educational research, as well as the teacher standards, to provide teaching and learning expectations for Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form lessons. This year has a focus on ‘Checking for Understanding,‘ ensuring that we are all using a range of strategies to ensure all our students are achieving at the level they are capable of and that we are also aware of gaps in knowledge and learning that may have happened as a result of missed learning in Lockdown. 

Through a combination of whole school and subject-specific CPD sessions, teaching colleagues will explore how to embed each of these elements into their regular classroom practice. Whole school learning visits and individual lesson observations will periodically focus on how well established these are and evaluate both strengths and further areas for development, which will be addressed in subsequent CPD sessions.