8 June 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Below is the online proof of the recent Year 11 group photograph.

The proof below is a guide to expression and composition only. All ordered packs will contain top quality finished prints and an appropriate mount or tube for each print. In addition, we will include a free postcard of the "Silly" yeargroup shot with any order. 

Each print is £16

The print size will be 20" x 8" and you can choose to have it presented in either a mount or a tube. 

  • Payment for orders should be completed on ParentPay
  • To avoid your order being delayed, please complete a separate order for each child.
  • Enter the total value on the line Year 11 Year Group Photo
  • Please let us know in the information box whether you would prefer your print(s) in a Mount or a Tube
Please ensure that we receive your completed order(s) by 1 July, 2021 as we will be unable to process any orders after that date.

Should you have any query about your photograph or our photography service in general, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01376 556369 or by email on

Thank you very much in anticipation of any order you may wish to make.

Yours faithfully

Mr Rowe
Media Support Manager

Year 11 Final Group Shot 2021 - Proof