Year 8 House Competition

Published: Thursday, 13 May 2021.
Year 8 House Competition

All Year 8 students took part in a House orienteering obstacle course competition during the week beginning 3 May 2021.

All tutor groups worked with a partner to get through the course blindfolded. This took a lot of trust and confidence - they all did so well! Students then worked together to decipher a phrase at the end of the course; it was fantastic to see their teamwork and their House spirit during the course. The competition took part over 2 days where the quickest time over the 2 days won. The results of the competition are as follows:

1st – 8W2

2nd – 8P2

3rd – 8C1

4th – 8P1

5th – 8W1

6th – 8F1

7th – 8T1

8th – 8C2

9th – 8F2

10th – 8T2

Thank you to all students and staff who took part.

House Leaders


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