Tapes for a Cause Raises over £2000 for RSPCA Danaher

Published: Tuesday, 27 April 2021.
Tapes for a Cause Raises over £2000 for RSPCA Danaher

As you know, the nominated charity for Parks House this year is RSPCA Danaher, the animal home in Wethersfield. Although the Danaher animal home is affiliated with the RSPCA, they are a private charity and therefore receive no funding from the RSPCA themselves.

With all charity shops closed during the recent lockdown, one of their major fundraising avenues was completely closed off. Add to that the lack of open days and restrictions to pre-adoption visits during the pandemic and like most charities they really struggled.

To help raise money for this charity, our Media Support Manager and well-known Cat Dad, Mr Rowe, put his geek skills to good use and offered to convert people’s video and camcorder tapes to digital files in his spare time for a £5 fee per tape. Even he was astonished with the response, as he raised a whopping...


Nicely done Mr Rowe - the team at Danaher have said how invaluable the money has been in helping the animals.

Mr Rowe is still prepared to offer this service to staff and parents/carers at the school, so if this is something you’d be interested in, please contact him on chris.rowe@notleyhigh.com

Tapes for a Cause Raises over £2000 for RSPCA Danaher

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