Sixth Form Student Dress Code

Sixth Form Student Dress Code

Sixth Form students are expected to dress in business dress appropriate to a professional environment. Any questions about the dress code should be directed to the Assistant Headteacher – KS5, as should any queries about reasonable adjustment on medical or religious grounds.

Hats, jackets and bags

  • Hats should not be worn inside;
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts should not be worn;
  • Jackets if worn inside must be smart. Informal wear such as hooded jackets, body warmers, leather jackets or parkas is not acceptable
  • Bags displaying pictures, words or logos should not contain anything that could cause offence.


  • Shirts should cover the back, midriff, shoulder and chest, showing no cleavage;
  • Shirts worn by male students should have a collar which should be buttoned;
  • Shirts worn by female students may be button-less and without a collar but otherwise of professional appearance. Printed t-shirt tops and casual jumpers are not acceptable;
  • Male students should wear a tie;
  • Pullovers and cardigans may be worn but must not be excessively loose or obscure the tie.

Trousers and Skirts

  • Trousers should be smart and professional in appearance. Jeans or jeans style trousers are not acceptable;
  • Dresses and skirts, if worn by women instead of trousers, should not be excessively short or tight;
  • Either trousers, skirts or dresses must be worn


  • Tights and socks should be discreet in colour and pattern;
  • Shoes should be smart and provide appropriate protection for the feet;
  • Trainers and other similar sporting or casual footwear are not acceptable;
  • Boots may be worn if they are smart and hardwearing. Ugg boots or any other material boots, Timberlands or coloured boots are not acceptable.


  • Belts, buckles and braces or similar, if worn, should be discreet;
  • Any jewellery should be simple and discreet.

General appearance

  • Piercings should not be visible, other than in the ears, and to a maximum of one per ear lobe;
  • Tattoos or body art should not be visible;
  • Make up and artificial tan should be discreet;
  • Clothing should be worn in such a way that underwear is never visible;
  • Denim should not be worn;
  • Clothes should always be clean, smart, ironed and in a good state of repair;
  • ID cards should be worn on the Braintree Sixth Form lanyard at all times. ID cards should not be swapped or damaged and should be reported if lost;
  • Extreme hairstyles and hair dyed in colours which do not occur naturally are not acceptable

Procedures for Dress Code Infringements 

1st infringement

SIMS Dress code infringement – verbal warning

Spoken to verbally (recorded on SIMS – Dress issue in notes write “verbal warning”)

2nd infringement

SIMS Dress code infringement – professionalism issue

Comment on SIMS – Dress issue – 2nd warning and comment on professionalism.

3rd infringement

SIMS Dress code infringement – e-mail sent

E-mail sent home copying in parents and all other staff, tutors, Student Support Officer – KS5 and Year Leader.

4th Infringement or serious infringement

SIMS Dress code infringement – leave site

Asked to leave premises to change – letter or email to be sent stating the reasons why.

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