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  • Sixth Form Student Dress Code

    Sixth Form Student Dress Code

Sixth form students are expected to dress in a professional, modest and appropriate manner appropriate to a professional environment. Any questions about the dress code should be directed to the Head of Sixth Form, as should any queries about reasonable adjustment on medical or religious grounds.

1. Underpinning principles

All students at Braintree Sixth Form should wear dress which:

  1. is professional, modest and appropriate for the activities and conditions on the day;
  2. does not compromise health and safety considerations;
  3. provides an excellent role model for younger students;

2. Rationale

In line with policies for other students and staff at the school, Sixth Form students are expected to wear professional dress.
Braintree Sixth Form aims to be an inclusive environment and this is taken into account sensitively in relation to dress. Dress should not compromise effective communication, health and safety or cause any offence to other students or staff.

3. Students’ responsibilities

This Code is designed to guide students on the expected standards of dress and appearance. It is not exhaustive in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance and students should use common sense in adhering to the principles underpinning the Code. If in any doubt students should seek guidance from their tutor or a member of the pastoral team.

4. Expectations

  1. All students are expected to dress in a professional, modest and appropriate manner.
  2. All students are required to wear trousers or a skirt of a reasonable length or an equivalent professional-looking dress. A smart, appropriate top should be worn with any trousers or skirts.
  3. Footwear should be smart and appropriate for the activities of the day. Health and safety considerations should not be compromised.
  4. Whilst on site or anywhere in school, students are expected to wear ID badges provided, with their photo clearly visible.
  5. Hair should be neat and tidy and extreme hairstyles are not considered appropriate. We subscribe to the Halo Code.
  6. Any jewellery worn by students should be discreet and should not pose a health and safety hazard or be a distraction to pupils and other staff.
  7. Facial piercings, including those on the tongue, are not permitted. Any earrings must be discreet.
  8. Small, discreet and appropriate visible tattoos are permitted. Larger tattoos should be covered.

5. In case of any issues

Any disregarding of the dress code is a breach of the student code of conduct.

The Senior Leadership Team will act as final arbiter as to whether a student’s appearance is acceptable. Where, in the opinion of a member of the Senior Leadership Team, a student’s dress is unacceptable, the student may be required to return home to change.

Procedures for Dress Code Infringements 

1st infringement

Spoken to verbally (recorded on Arbor, PM to Action).

2nd infringement

Comment on Arbor – Dress issue – (recorded on Arbor, PM to Action).

3rd infringement 

E-mail sent home copying in parents/carers E-mail sent home copying in parents/carers Monitoring email sent to all other staff, tutors, Pastoral Manager and Head of Sixth Form.

4th Infringement or serious infringement

Asked to leave premises to change – email to be sent stating the reasons why.