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  • Peer Mentoring Service

    Peer Mentoring Service

Peer Mentoring 2022

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form are proud to announce our Peer Mentoring Service.

Our Peer Mentors are a carefully selected group of year 10 students who have volunteered to support younger students. They have all received specific Peer Mentor training, delivered by Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. Our Peer Mentors provide younger students a safe environment to raise concerns and ask questions, which they might not feel confident talking about in front of an adult or in a classroom setting. They support younger students to address issues such as attendance, under achievement, bullying and friendships, and enable them to address their individual problems in a mature and emotionally intelligent way.

We currently have 23 Peer Mentors, including a strong Peer Mentor Leadership team, consisting of two Leaders and one Deputy Leader*. This leadership team plays a crucial part in the smooth day-to-day running of the service.

All our Peer Mentors are visible around the school, wearing a green badge on their blazer.

The Current Team

  • Abi Milner - Leader
  • Lucy Chilver - Leader
  • Amy Begg
  • Lany Feijo
  • Chloe Bishop
  • Emily Ager
  • Eva Gibbs
  • Jaimee Ross
  • Jake Robinson
  • Lacey Hill
  • Lauren Kenny
  • Liana Salih
  • Lydia Albon
  • Madi Amos
  • Maddie Wright
  • Michael Coleman
  • Mikaela Rork
  • Rianna Cummins
  • Robert Milihhin
  • Shani Roberts
  • Shanying Gao
  • Sophie Carpenter
  • Summerrose Griffiths

The Role of the Mentor

Our Peer Mentors are invaluable as they have a variety of experience and can offer support from a young person’s perspective. The Peer Mentor will always act with the best interest of their mentee and within the structures set by the School.

A Peer Mentor will:

  • Offer appropriate advice and guidance.
  • Help students to see the way ahead.
  • Help mentees to manage time, plan and organise work.
  • Provide support for students who might feel isolated and lack self-confidence.
  • Help new students settle into Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form.

Breaktime Drop-in

Our Peer Mentors host a daily drop-in every breaktime, in the intervention room (behind Student Services). Our drop-in provides younger students the opportunity to have a safe space to visit, where they will feel included and accepted.

Year 7 Buddy-Up

Our Peer Mentors also support Year 7 tutor groups; each tutor group has been allocated Peer Mentors, who regularly visit the same tutor group to show their continued commitment in building positive relationships with our younger students.

* The team membership has changed slightly since the video was produced. Some students were unavailable on the day of filming.