Rewards and Awards

Rewards and Awards

At Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form we believe in encouraging and rewarding effort and achievement. Students are congratulated and thanked in year assemblies and house assemblies. They earn House Points throughout their time at school for a wide range of things. Our goal as a school is to work to bring out the best in every student.

We believe that by providing students with house points they are encouraged to fully engage with all opportunities available to them. We intend that house points motivate students by giving them a greater awareness that their contributions are valued and recognised by the school. They also provide a framework for students to achieve their personal best and to be rewarded for it. When students take part in community/charity activities, it makes them appreciate and learn about being socially responsible.

Students receive house points from staff for school learning, home learning, community and extra-curricular contributions.

The total number of house points are calculated on a weekly basis and they feed in to the termly and annual house competition.

We are currently reviewing and developing a wider range of rewards and awards to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students more extensively.

Teachers will reward outstanding performances in lessons for engagement with learning and achievement across the curriculum.  Our school also have departmental and house postcards which a member of staff sends home with a student or sends in the post to parents or carers to inform them of something positive achieved in or out of the classroom. In addition there are numerous reward trips and activities at the end of each term.

Below is the list of options available to staff for which to award house points through our electronic system, and the number of house points available:

Achievement points

Tutor house points  1,2,3    Attendance at revision club  1
School learning    1,2,3,4,5   Attendance at art club       1
Home learning        5   Attendance at music club  1
Subject postcard home      5   Attendance at PE/sports club 1
HoH/YL 100% attendance postcard   3   Attendance at Neutrino (Science) club 1
A caring act     3   Attendance at ICT/programming club 1
Demonstrating leadership skills  3   Attendance at D & T club 1
Demonstrating resilience and perseverance 3   Drama show/event     5, 10
Student of the week  3   School Concert  5,10
Attendance at Student Voice meeting  2   Represented the school at an event    3,5,10    
Effective prefect duty 2   Represented school in sport team match         3          
Attendance at extra-curricular club 1   Represented school in an external event 3,5,10
Attendance at choir rehearsals 1   D of E overnight event 10
Attendance at drama rehearsals   1   Community/Enrichment 1,3,5

School Awards

Key Stage 3 Awards

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form holds an annual Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Awards Evening, where students from all years are recognised for their successes and contributions to the school and wider community. This is well attended by parents and students.  In addition, we support two other national awarding bodies by nominating students regularly. These are:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • The Jack Petchey Award Scheme

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