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Article Date: 16 December 2021

Article Date: 16 December 2021
Happening Histories spent a day in school this week, giving a fun and hands on revision session to all Y11 history students. Some of the content they covered was first taught to students during lockdown, so this was a welcome opportunity to revisit that work.

Some students had the chance to dress up. This was as a character from the Middle Ages or as one of the Four Humours which it was then believed needed to be in balance for your body to be healthy. Imaginative props were added to show, in detail, how the system worked. We then saw real leeches which would have been used for bloodletting and some very scary surgical instruments as well as considering whether we would have chosen to be treated by a wisewoman of the time or an educated physician..
A lot was covered in each hour-long session, and it was a great opportunity to learn in a different way. Many thanks to Mrs Parker for making all the arrangements.

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Nicole Hill
Subject Leader - History

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