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07 October 2021

07 October 2021
The library is happy to announce that Notley High School is once again able to take part in the Book Buzz scheme for all Year 7 students.

There are 17 wonderful books this year that every Year 7 student will get to choose from. They will be ordered for them, and they will receive them before Christmas. The book they choose will be theirs to keep and completely free - a present from the school!

We have been lucky enough to run this scheme for the last few years, and every year it is so wonderful to see the smiling faces of the students as they are given their book. We cannot wait to witness this again this year.

The following link gives a brief overview by the authors of the books available this year and is worth a look before you make that crucial decision https://youtu.be/Wc7kM9KArjk

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