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Year 13 - Update following cancellation of summer exams

Published: Monday, 23 March 2020.

23 March 2020

Dear Year 13 Students, Parents and Carers

Update following cancellation of summer exams

Following the cancellation of the exams this summer, I am writing with an update about expectations of students’ work at home at this time. As you will be aware, it has been announced that exam boards will be awarding students a calculated grade for their A Levels this summer which will be in part based on teachers’ predictions. We have not yet received any details from the exam boards about this process, or about expectations about any internally assessed components which would normally count towards a qualification. We are also waiting for further guidance about vocational qualifications. Once we know what the guidance is, we will be able to share this with you.

At the moment, while we wait for information, we are not expecting teachers to set any home learning tasks for students or to mark anything other than written work, such as assessments and coursework, which have already been submitted. We will revisit these expectations and look to provide guidance about independent learning once we have the information we need. Teachers will not be able to discuss students’ predicted grades with students at any time. However, I can reassure you that it is accepted that mock exams alone do not always predict students’ final results accurately, and that this will be reflected when staff are asked to make their predictions for exam boards.


We know that this is a very uncertain time for many of you who are in the process of deciding on your responses to university offers. The advice from UCAS is for schools to ‘advise students not to rush into making any decisions, and to carefully consider any unconditional offers’. Please do contact Mr Bridgwater or me if you have questions about this or want to discuss what to do next.

A number of you who chose not to apply to university or further education may now wish to put in an application. If this is the case, please do contact Mr Bridgwater via email so that we can help you get started.

We know that this is not the end to your time in the sixth form that you could possibly have expected, and it is certainly not what we would have wanted. We will continue to support you with your next steps and will provide you with further updates as we have them.

Yours faithfully


Mrs M Townsend
Assistant Headteacher – KS5

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